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Salutations everybody this was such a beautiful Christmas we spent together. 

ACW PRODUCTIONS has been Blessing for 6 years doing what was needed to be done. God has gave us the power to grow as a family and Bless more.

Thank you and see you all on our next movement.

Humble Beginnings 

Our minds can wrongly put limits on what the Creator can do through us.  But He is not restricted by our limitations or the circumstances of our lives.  Look beyond your situation to the amazing things God can do with submitted, willing people.


Author:  Marcella Robertson

Published: November 24, 2017

Angela Cowan is a single mother of five. Her house is busy, but she makes sure to preach gratitude.  A few years ago, on Christmas Day, she and her children decided to cook for the homeless.

Our 2016 Work

The Blessing

A Time to Give 2016


The 6th Annual "Caring and Giving ~ Today and Tomorrow" was a success!

We feed over 200 people!

It is definitely a joy to bring happiness to others.

Franklin Square

14th and K Streets, NW

Washington, DC

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Franklin Square

14th and K Streets, NW

Washington, DC



Monday, December 25, 2017

7:00 am Set up time